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Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:33 pm

Trying to setup an IP cam..running out of ideas

Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:41 pm

Hey guys and gals...Heres my situation. I'm trying to setup a wifi ip cam that i can view outside of my LAN. I am not an expert and home networking, but i do know a bit. Forgive me if i screw up any terms or dont know what im talking about while i try to explain the problem im running in to.

I can get the cam to work fine on my lan. Thats no problem. The issues stem from when i try to login in remotely. First, my ISP is a 4g hotspot modem, the Sierra Overdrive Pro to be precise. My router is a Cradlepoint MBR095. I have the router connected to the hotspot via Wifi as WAN. I believe this is causing a "double nat" problem. I can't seem to open up any ports at all, thus preventing me from being able to log in to the cam. I have tried logging in to the modem itself and setting up port forwarding to go to the routers ip address, and then setup the router to forward the same port to the cam. EG inside modem forward port 80 to (router) and inside router forward port 80 to (cam). This doesn't work. I've tried putting every IP for the Modem, Router, and IP cam in port forwarding for both devices as well. I've tried putting the router in the DMZ of the modem but it gives me an error,
"Invalid Ip: not in netmask"
where is the router.
I thought perhaps my problem could be that my router isn't in the same ip range as the modem, so went in to its lan settings and changed it to an IP that is in the DHCP range, and then it wouldn't even work. Trying to change the modems IP to one around the router (eg made it flip out completely and i had to do a factory reset on it.

Im at my wits end here and i just DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO anymore. Please help me!

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