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Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:21 pm

How does one control, not monitor, bandwidth usage?

Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:56 pm


I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I do not currenly use any cisco products at this time, however I have used Cisco routers and switches before just fyi. However, there is something I want to do with my network and google isn't helping and neither are other forums. Hence why I decided to create an account on a forum specifically made for network discussions such as this one.

Why I'm here:

I'm looking for software that can control the bandwidth use of multiple computers on a home network using a computer that has 2 network cards. And this is how I plan to do this.

All of the network devices in the house are wireless and they include 2 ipads, 3 laptops, and 1 desktop with the 3rd laptop on a wired connection. I want to use the laptop on LAN to serve as a network moderator so all the computers would connect to it wirelessly through NAT networking with shared internet connection. Then I want to evenly distribute bandwidth accross the computers connected to my laptop. That way, people can download stuff, watch youtube videos without causing my ping when playing real time video games to jump over 9000 and stay there until they finish whatever they were doing.

I want this:
I have 300kb/s down and 30kb/s up

I want the computers and ipads that stream and torrent to get 200kb/s evenly distributed among them (I can set individually if i must)
I want the computers that game often to get 100kb/s as the games we play are not network intensive, but ping sensetive.

The problem however, is finding the software to do this. The closest one is probably Antamedia Bandwidth Manager, but it is a bit expensive for my taste and a tad bit complicated to use. Other programs like netlimiter or Cisco's "Network Magic" program doesn't give me results I want. If I wanted a bandwidth monitoring program, I'm homefree. And most of those programs only affect the local computer and control the bandwidth of certain programs. I cannot convince my cousins to allow me to install these limiting programs on their computers and I cant tell them "up yours" and kick em off the network either.

I am looking for a program similar to "Antamedia Bandwidth Manager" but cheaper and simpler to use. It would use this laptop as a router that can control and not just monitor the network of other computers connected to it through NAT with internet sharing. I've seen other people ask the same question I am, and it seems like people only know about monitoring and local programs. I've tried to explain all I can and I hope you understand what I'm asking for.

I know that router QoS exsists, but in my opinion, it sucks and only works like 50% of the time. I own a Netgear router at the moment so I cannot get OpenWRT firmware for it. I once had cisco routers, but three burned out the first 2 years so I gave Netgear a shot...the software sucks and never again I swear to god, and this Netgear router just refuses to die as fast as the cisco ones so I can get a new router. The Netgear has no bandwidth control firmware as far as I know and the only reason why I want to keep it is because of the "Readyshare" feature that can serve as the home network data center. The Netgear's QoS does not drop lower priority packets as it should and just crams it in there so the game jumps up in ping. It sucks ballz.

This is all I can think of at the moment, I'll add more details as necessary.

SS of QoS Policy in the Netgear router thus far (it works sometimes, but is not reliable)

PS: For future references when I decide to get a new router, what router models would you guys suggest I get that has these features. I prefer bandwidth control over Readyshare or something similar, but if it has both, it'd be a godsend for me. Hopefully it wont be too expensive either.

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